My Impossilbe List

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2nd October

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Impossible list is an always changing and evolving list that requires action today.
Unlike bucket list which is a list of things you would like to do someday.
In my last blogpost i talked about how most of us exist in what I call tactical hell. Going from bucket list thinking to Impossible list thinking is a good place to start becoming more strategic.
Here is my lis

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Heaven and Hell in startups

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9th August

In my humble opinion (conducting 600+ interviews)

Startups are heaven when you have:
European Designer, Indian Engineer, Los Angeles Marketer, San Francisco User Experience (UX), Silicon Valley Investor, New York Biz Dev, Israeli Operations and a Founder who has lived and travelled to all the above places!

Startups are hell when you have:
European Marketer, Indian Designer, New York Investor, Los Angeles Engineer, San Francisco Operations, Israeli UX and Founder without a passport.

Its just the nature!

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Demystifying Risks and its Definitions

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16th July


Risk means different things to different people. I cringe every time someone equates risk to gambling foolishly. Something on the lines of – I’d like to launch a startup, that means i have to sacrifice my X (Say 2) yrs salary and time. If this works out i will end up with a multi-million dollars startup. Downside is of losing two years salary if it doesn’t work our. The upside [Reward] is 1000 times return and risk [Downside] is losing t

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3rd July


At the fountain of knowledge, three types of people come. Those who taste it, some gargle and spit it, Finally there is the type who drinks and digests it.

So you want to start a startup, not a big deal. You just need to find a great idea, possibly that never existed before. Work for 3-4 years on it and you will make it big – right? WRONG.

Its like saying I need to lose

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25th June

Stock traders often say that any trader remotely successful, has completely depleted his account to ZERO dollars first.
Losing out all of your money in stocks often leads to making of some of the most skillful and successful traders.

There are for two reasons: Learning any skill like trading or running a start up magnifies your self awareness by 1000%.
Its like going to an Xray machine which hands you a 3D graph of your personality.
Emotions, behaviors, attitudes and habits and other painful things which are scary to look and measure.
They say what can be measured can be improved.

It begins with understanding and improving yourself with Self Discipline, then understanding others th

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23rd June

Well, I am the perennial no hoper. An average student in academic life. In fact, the only time I had hope was when I was doing standup comedy. They thought I might make it to the TV show “The last man standing” one day. Well, made it to the Toastmasters international speech contest at the city level- but never beyond. And this time round, I’m doing a startup. Actually, I am not too sure how i got into it. All I do is write code a bit, wr

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